Having laid a strong foundation for the City’s future, I seek to further improve the quality of life for everyone in Mountain View.  I will work to:


Continue Mountain View’s Excellent Financial Position

Although the economy is robust now, signs of slow down are appearing.  With my experience of pulling the City out of the recession, I will keep a close eye on the City’s finances to ensure the City maintains appropriate funding for its top-notch city services, meets its financial obligations, and maintains proper reserves.

Recruit and Retain Top Notch City Employees  

As a service organization, the City relies on great people to provide great programs and services for the community.  Mountain View has enjoyed top-notch staff, but lately, we are seeing employees leave due to retirement or other opportunities.  We must remain competitive in attracting strong talent and foster an environment where staff can grow and lead within our community.



With the updated General Plan as the guide, I will work to implement principles of environmental sustainability, smart growth, and high quality of life. Growth has to be beneficial and enhance the entire community.  I will:

  • Advocate for diversity in business and economic development from small businesses to large, high tech start ups, retail, service, and the hospitality industry, we need a strong mix to ensure the economic vitality of the community. 
  • Expand the City’s inventory of parks, green and open space, unique wildlife habitats, and tree canopy.
  • Improve the City’s infrastructure with continued focus on public safety, environmental sustainability, and preparation for expected challenges of sea level rise, water quality, and quantity. 
  • Ensure that adequate staffing and resources are invested into City services, including the core services of public safety and public works, as well as social and human services to meet the needs of our diverse community. 



Housing is proving to be the biggest concern for folks in the Bay Area.  No longer can we conduct business as usual.  I’ve worked hard to put Mountain View at the forefront of implementing numerous strategies to create affordable housing opportunities.  Now, it’s time to take the next step and experiment with new initiatives such as:

  • Initiate an Affordable Housing Strategies Plan.
  • Leverage affordable housing dollars expected from State and County Housing Bonds to build more affordable housing projects.  Survey available City owned properties and redevelopment opportunities around the City to find land to develop affordable housing projects.  
  • Review planning policies and guidelines to allow for microunits/SRO’s - lift the cap, move away from units/acre density, and emphasize design and form of building to allow for more units.  Review certain requirements that add to the cost of building housing.
  • Expand on City’s co-housing development, the first on the Peninsula.
  • Initiate a pilot program of placing tiny homes on vacant parcels, especially in North Bayshore.
  • Work with the school district to provide affordable housing for teachers in our schools, including prioritizing teachers in the preference categories for below market rate units and supporting the school district’s plan to develop affordable housing units for teachers.
  • Explore a potential partnership with the U.S. Army on building affordable housing on the Shenandoah site for military families and other pubic servants.
  • Establish Mountain View specific down payment housing assistance to encourage home ownership, providing much-needed assistance to a broader range of residents.
  • Expand the short term rental assistance program to help more residents and for longer periods of time.
  • Offer a low interest loan program for rehabilitating apartments to owners who agree to minimize rent increases.
  • Establish a Housing Advisory Commission to continuously address challenges and opportunities around housing.

Understanding that housing is a regional issue, work with our neighboring cities to establish a subregion to meet housing RHNA goals rather than working in our individualized city silos.  



Traffic congestion is also at the top of the list of concerns and challenges in our community.  Housing and transportation go hand in hand.  I’ve worked in depth on transportation and transit, and I see numerous opportunities to make improvements.  I will:

  • Position Mountain View for new transportation funding opportunities. Having championed the City’s investment into designing the City’s two rail crossings at Rengstorff and Castro Streets, I can position and advocate for construction funds that come available should the County wide Transportation Sales Tax Measure pass this November.
  • Utilize and expand local systems such as Bike Share, Mountain View Shuttle, and MVGo to improve mobility within Mountain View.
  • Connect our local systems to regional systems to get people to where they need to go efficiently from the first mile to the last mile by synchronizing different transit options and utilizing new technologies.
  • Find opportunities to accelerate bike and pedestrian infrastructure improvements that are already in City plans.



  • Public safety has always been a core service and a top priority of mine.  I will continue to champion initiatives that enhance our police and fire departments and foster collaborate with our neighbors.  I will expand our neighborhood watch program as well as the Citizens Emergency Preparedness Training (CERT) program.
  • Gun safety has been at the forefront of our national news.  I will promote gun safety at our local level while advocating for stronger laws statewide and nationally.



I believe in an inclusive government where we encourage residents to be involved and informed.  I will:

  • Ensure that stakeholders are included in City discussions and their input is captured.
  • Enhance the City advisory commissions, boards, and committees.
  • Maintain an open door policy. I will always meet with anyone and everyone who wants to meet.