During her time on the City Council, Margaret built a strong track record of accomplishments. She:


As Mayor in 2009, Margaret led the City out of the deep recession.  Facing a $6M deficit out of a $91M budget, Margaret went to work with her colleagues and staff to realize efficiencies and maximize dollars without reducing services. Margaret personally sat down with the employees groups to build support and collaboration in renegotiating their contracts to find savings, resulting in a balanced budget, maintaining the City’s AAA credit rating, and keeping intact the City’s services at a top notch level.

Led Mountain View to become the first City in the County to Raise the Minimum Wage to $15 by 2018 to enable community members to better address the affordability challenges in Silicon Valley.



General Plan Update –Worked long and hard with her colleagues and the community, over several years to complete an Award winning General Plan Update with cutting edge policies around environmental sustainability, transportation mobility and sound housing policies, preserving neighborhoods while allowing for growth where appropriate.

Affordable Housing

  • Oversaw the building of thousands of units of housing and ensured that the developments fit well with the neighborhoods. 
  • Instituted housing impact fees across the board – ownership, rental housing and commercial development, making Mountain View the first city in the County to do so.  
  • Advanced the building of over 500 below market rate (BMR) units out of the 1200 total BMR units citywide.


  • As a Member and then Chair of the Valley Transportation Authority(VTA) Board, Margaret oversaw the building of major transportation projects such as the BART extension to San Jose, light rail system improvements that will bring express service to Mountain View with the opening of the next phase of BART, worked hard to preserve Caltrain service during the recession, and then advocated for the improvements being made now that will expand service in the near future. 
  • Worked to bring the Mountain View intercity Shuttle to reality and the establishment of the Transportation Management Agency that oversees the MVgo commuter shuttles.
  • Advocated for a comprehensive bike plan for the entire City and connecting into our neighboring cities, added bike lanes throughout the City including on El Camino Real, a cycle track and bike bridge to connect downtown Mountain View to North Bayshore.
  • Initiated the Bike Share program with the neighboring cities of San Jose and Palo Alto.
  •  Supported pedestrian access improvements such as sidewalks along Central Expressway, repaved sidewalks along El Camino Real, and lighted crosswalks throughout the City.



Environmental Sustainability

  • Established an Environmental Sustainability Task Force comprised of residents who crafted recommendations from which the Council formulated an Environmental Sustainability Action Plan that included such projects as solar panel installation, green building policies, a zero waste policy, and a ban on single use bags. 
  • Led the effort to partner with neighboring cities to implement a Community Choice Energy program where communities can purchase energy with a higher percentage or renewable power than the energy currently procured by utilities, and thereby empowering communities to shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy.
  • As Mayor, dedicated the recycled water project, a system built in partnership with Palo Alto to use recycled water for business and industrial irrigation customers.

Health and Wellness  

  • As Mayor, prioritized health and wellness initiatives such as signing onto the League of California Cities Healthy Eating Active Living campaign, including a Health Element in the General Plan Update, and encouraging the implementation of an employee wellness program.

Technology Improvements

  • Chaired the Council Technology Subcommittee, that spearheaded technology improvements in the Council Chambers to allow for webcasts of meetings, and promoted a paperless Council meeting packet process with E-readers.Revamped the City’s website to make it more user friendly.
  • Supported the establishment of an IT Director position who monitors new technologies that can improve the City’s functions and services.



Enhanced our Core Service of Public Safety

  • Ensured the Police Department and personnel received the resources they needed - training, equipment, and remodel and seismic improvements of the Police Station.
  • Led the initiative to establish the Police Activities League Program where police officers work and mentor with youth as an official City program.
  • Served on the Silicon Valley Regional Interoperability Authority Board  of Directors, which built a communications system that connected all the public safety agencies to one unified system.
  • Championed the building of a permanent Fire Station #5 and  the replacement of the Fire Fleet to a more efficient, greener and safer vehicles. 

Developed and Improved Access to Parks Open Space

  • Successfully completed Mountain View’s final two segments of the Stevens Creek Trail.  Along with her counterparts in neighboring cities of Los Altos, Cupertino and Sunnyvale, established the Four Cities Collaborative Task Force for the Stevens Creek Trail.
  • Added 4 new parks with 2 more underway, bringing park total o 42.
  • Supported improvements to Rengstorff Park to be more accessible accessibility and safe.
  • Directed the design and plans for the renovation of the Community Center.
  • Initiated the expansion of dog friendly areas in parks throughout the City. 

Expanded recreational opportunities for Youth

  • With her colleagues on the Youth Services Committee, championed the establishment of the View Teen Center which was dedicated in 2014.
  • Supported the increase in hours at the community gyms and new homework center.
  • Expanded the financial aid program for those in need of assistance to participate in the City's recreational offerings. 



  • Ensured that the General Plan Update process was inclusive of community input resulting in hundreds of members of the community activities participating in the formulation of the Plan.
  • Elevated the Youth Advisory Group to a Committee level, and supported the establishment of the Senior Advisory Council. 
  • As a Mayor, hosted weekly “Chat with MAK” sessions where anyone could come and meet with her on any topic of choice.
  • Expanded the number of corporate visits to better understand business needs and concerns as well as ways to support them.